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Hey everyone, sorry it's been awhile since posting.
Several months ago my computer's GPU burnt out, and I didn't cry....ok.  This took some time to find the exact problem with it, I found out the problem myself, cause I have like...mind powers, and during the trouble-shooting I was told by the repair shop to wipe my hard drive. When I backed up my painter brushes, it turns out that the brushes I saved were only the default brushes that come with the application.  The custom brushes I created were stored somewhere within the depths of the library files, next to the Ark of the Covenant.  So I lost my brushes.  

That's alright though.  I remade the ones that were most useful to me, just the ones with more unique dab types like bush/leaf brushes etc I can't really get back exactly as they were, but otherwise everything's back to normal.

Thanks for the ongoing support over the year even when I was gone :glomp:  Hope you all enjoyed your holidays!
I got an unusually large amount of watchers and favs yesterday, just wanted to thank you guys.  I'm a bit curious where it all generated from though, it obviously had something to do with the 'Stuck in the Wall' painting I did years ago, I had thought it might have been a DD but it didn't have one, so I'm guessing an off-site linked the picture.

On an unrelated note, I wanted to ask something a while back but had forgotten:

How do you guys feel about whether or not you're thanked when it comes to favs and watches on your profile page? like when you add a picture to your favorites and the artist stops by to say "thanks". 

I was wondering this because I remember when I was in my early 20's I used to get a little bitter when an artist wouldn't acknowelege favs or watches, like I felt they were not grateful, but now that I'm older and calmer (and have been here so long) I don't really do it either and don't care if anyone thanks me :D

I also realize super popular artists realistically can't do it anyway when they're getting 1000 favs and watches a day. 

Another thing I've noticed is sometimes people will actually get mad if you do thank them, they'll hide the comment if you say "thanks for the fav" or whatever, I remember one persons whole profile page was dedicated to stamps that said something along the lines of "STOP ****ING THANKING ME ***HOLES".  So how do you guys feel about it?  Like it, don't like it? Don't care? ;P